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What Makes an influencer an influencer?

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What Makes an influencer an influencer?

By Tony Yeung — Originally Published at Apartment Number 2 “What Makes an influencer an influencer?

Influence marketing is getting more important. Surely, a good influencer can bring a positive and good result in marketing.

However, have you wondered what makes an influencer an influencer? A good engagement or a large number of following?

In this article, I will explain two types of influencers.

Two Types of Influencers

What Makes an influencer an influencer? - Tony Yeung, Toronto Social media marketing specialist
Betty White would be a good influencer

First of all, you may need to take times to find an influencer who fits for you. It is because most people do not call themselves as an influencer. Also, although some influencers could have massive followers, they may have almost no engagement from those following. At worse, these so-called influencers could buy followers and pretend as an influencer.

So, what makes an influencer as an influencer?

What Makes an influencer an influencer? - Tony Yeung, Toronto Social media marketing specialist
Fake influencers can be annoying

The influencers like to share good contents. Many people trust them because they always provide the reliable and valid information in the specified niche. The niche can be marketing, design, fashion, etc. These influencers are likely to have higher engagement rates with their following.

There is also another type of influencers who like to correct numbers of following. This type of influencers may not have great engagement with the following, but they can be useful for delivering a message to many people. However, it works only when the followers are real and often check the message.

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So, How To Choose The Influencers?

What Makes an influencer an influencer? - Tony Yeung, Toronto Social media marketing specialist
A cat can be a good influencer, too!

When you choose the influencers, you should see what you need. If you want to deliver a general message to a large group of audience, you can choose the influencers with many followers. It is similar to a paid ad placement, yet the influencer already has a specific group of audience. Your message will be delivered to the specific group of people only.

On the other hand, if you want to have better engagement with people, you should choose the influencer who has the better engagement with the following. However, it has no necessarily guaranteed to the engagement. Imagine a celebrity who posts a random post but he or she does not follow anyone or does not answer any comment. This celebrity, still, can influence others because of his or her popularity. Also, you have to remember that this kind of influencer is more expensive to hire.

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About the Author

Tony Yeung is a digital marketing specialist and the owner of Apartment Number 2, a consultancy focused on helping entrepreneurs and marketers see results with SEO, social media, and content marketing. Apartment Number 2 has worked with a range of clients from Publishing Company and Medical Company to a new startups.

What Makes an influencer an influencer? was originally published in Digital Marketing: Social Media, Online, Internet Business, SEO on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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