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Agosto en Amazon defraude – menos de 30k en ventas con apenas 8k en beneficio

By 3 weeks ago

A mitad de julio se acabó la fiesta y a fines de agosto se está notando. La perdida de muchos de nuestros topsellers ahora también se está reflejando en nuestras ventas. En algunos casos todavía no se ha acabado el stock pero las ventas ya no son las que eran. Hemos decidido aumentar el ROI […]

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¿A partir de cuándo tiene sentido montar una sociedad limitada (SL)?

By 3 weeks ago

Para empezar te tengo que lanzar un disclaimer. No soy un asesor fiscal por lo que lo que sigue a continuación no lo debes tomar como un consejo. Es simplemente cómo yo lo haría y lo estoy haciendo. ¿Quién es el propietario del dinero? Uno de los argumentos principales para no montar una SL que […]

Why Does Most B2B Content Marketing Suck?

By 5 months ago

Let’s get real about B2B content marketing. Most of it sucks. It’s full of jargon, self-promotion, and fluff. It doesn’t add value to your audience and can seem completely irrelevant. The truth is, your content doesn’t have to boring or stuffy. It needs to engage, inspire, and connect. In this post, we’ll review why B2B […]

11 Best Ways To Create Highly Shareable Content

By 5 months ago

Content marketing is a low-pressure yet effective way to earn attention from your target audience by offering useful insights and expert advice. Over time, repeat visitor engagement produces high-quality leads who already know and trust your brand. When they’re in the market for your product, you’ll have a loyal customer. That’s no doubt why 79% […]

User experience testing and monitoring startup UserZoom raises $100M

By 5 months ago

UserZoom, a user experience testing and monitoring startup, raised $100 million in a venture capital round.Read More

IronSource acquires creative management platform Luna Labs

By 7 months ago

Mobile monetization firm IronSource has acquired Luna Labs, the maker of a creative management platform used to create mobile ads.Read More

Blueshift raises $30 million to manage and analyze customer data

By 7 months ago

Blueshift, a company developing a customer data monitoring and management platform, raised $30 million in funding.Read More

Yes, it’s martech, Facebook ads outage: Tuesday’s daily brief

By 7 months ago

Plus texts from brands, the agile CMS race Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.

Zelros raises $11 million for AI that personalizes insurance plans

By 7 months ago

Zelros raised $11 million for natural language understanding technology to help policyholders choose the optimum insurance plans.Read More

Unified ID 2.0, ecommerce Shopper Experience: Thursday’s daily brief

By 7 months ago

Plus, Yelp expands Waitlist for disrupted diners Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.

Martech survey, Australia passes media code: Friday’s daily brief

By 7 months ago

Plus, Virginia’s consumer privacy law and what it means to marketers Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.

Hubilo raises $23.5 million to power virtual events with real-time data and analytics

By 7 months ago

Hubilo, a platform for hosting virtual and hybrid events with access to real-time data and analytics, has raised $23.5 million.Read More

10 Tips On Using Google Apps To Boost Content Marketing

By 7 months ago

Late in 2020, Google rebranded its collection of business productivity apps as Google Workspace. Formerly known as G Suite, these apps can transform your content marketing results when you use them to their full potential. Google Workspace retains all your favorite features, like Gmail, Chat, Meet, Calendar, Sheets, Docs, Slides, Drive, and more. As businesses’ needs […]

60+ free martech sessions. The agenda is live!

By 7 months ago

Deliver exceptional digital experiences, streamline operations, and drive revenue. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.

Has Content Marketing Saturation Hit Your Industry?

By 7 months ago

At this point, there’s no denying that content marketing is being used by most companies. As companies realize it’s a proven way to attract audiences and convert them, its adoption continues to trend up. I’m still amazed at the companies that still don’t even have a blog, let alone publish on it frequently enough to […]

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