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Andy Grant and Lawrence Jones MBE - mindset and motivationTwo years ago this week, I took a punt on a new medium: podcasting. In that time, I have met an extraordinary amount of truly incredibly people.

When the team and I set out on this project, I can honestly say that we never could have imagined it would have brought us to where we are now. The podcast consistently charts on iTunes, even hitting the number one spot. It started with a business focus but over time has evolved to share the stories of some of the most inspirational people I have ever come across.

The two-year anniversary is the perfect opportunity to reflect upon what we’ve learned so far from the process, and how these conversations with truly inspirational people have impacted my own journey.

A podcast with a change of perspective

It’s easy to become caught up in your own zone, feeling the weight on your shoulders or struggling to see the wood for the trees. It’s all too easy to take things for granted and let the little things have a hugely negative impact on our lives.

One guest comes immediately to mind, he shook my foundations. He will always will stay in my memory for giving me the biggest perspective shift.

That person is Andy Grant, a former Royal Marine. He is known for saying: “You don’t have to be blown up in Afghanistan and lose a leg to realise that life can be pretty tough sometimes.”

To say he has had a pretty tough time is an understatement. Andy lost his mum at just 11 years old. He gave his all to get into the Royal Marines and was deployed to Iraq and then Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, fighting the Taliban, his life changed forever. He was blown up. He miraculously survived and eventually chose to have his leg amputated following the devastating injuries.

In that instant his career in Marines was over. His fitness lifestyle was over. And he could no longer have children. That’s surely too much for one person to handle. Wrong. Andy refused to give up.

In fact, just six months after choosing to have his leg amputated, Andy was running again. He broke the record for the fastest single-leg amputee in the world over 10km – running 6-minute miles. He redefined his life.

The culmination of his mindset, his effort and his unshakeable resilience came nine and half years later, when he was awarded a Royal Marines running vest, a remarkable achievement especially as he was a civilian at that point. He finished a marathon, wearing his Royal Marines vest with his daughter on his shoulders. He says: “I feel like the luckiest man in the world.”Lawrence Jones MBE and Susie Ma

I guarantee this podcast episode will shift your perspective on life.

Business legends old and new

Alongside inspiration people who’ve overcome unthinkable challenges, I’ve also interviewed some of the business greats. One of those is none other than the Billionaire Bookmaker, Fred Done.

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The founder of BetFred is also involved in 16 other businesses. No mean feat when you consider he is now 76 years old and showing no sign of slowing down. His advice to young entrepreneurs? “The market is always open, there is always an opportunity,” he says. “There is no shame in being born poor, but there is something you can do about it yourself.”

And most importantly: “When you stop enjoying it, stop doing it.”

This podcast episode is one to listen to if you want to hear from a man who has built a business empire, throughout the ups and downs, and keeps going no matter what.

Susie Ma is a prime example of someone who, in comparison, is still at the start of her journey, despite already being 15 years in. The 30-year-old grew her business from making products in her mum’s kitchen as a teenager to a company that turned over £29.5 million in 2018, that’s part owned by Lord Sugar.

“Every business is a people business. It doesn’t matter how great your product is. If you don’t have the right people supporting you behind the scenes, then you don’t have a business,” says Susie. She now employs more than 12,000 ‘glambassadors’ and just opened a new £4 million HQ in London.

Not only is Susie’s focus on creating a people-first business, all Tropic products are vegan, cruelty free, and centred on the environment. She says: “We are a carbon-negative company, we offset all of our carbon through conservation work in the Amazon. Imagine if every company in the world did that. If we all gave back instead of just taking from the environment, the world would be a much better and greener place.”

Listen to this podcast episode for an insight in a modern entrepreneur who is not only driving change for our 12,000 glambassadors but for the cosmetics industry and planet as a whole.

More to come

Over the coming weeks, I’ll continue to share lessons from podcasts over the past two years. But on Monday, with the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing, the team and I have a real treat. Astronaut Tim Peak talks about his experiences, terrifying moments, life on the space station, he addresses the non believers and conspiracy theorists, but most importantly he talks from the heart about his dreams as a kid and how they came true.

Look out for the link tomorrow or subscribe now so you don’t miss it. Send me some feedback in the comments. If you have any ideas for future podcasts, please let me know.

Have a great week.

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