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Agile Development in IoT Project Delivery

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Agile Development in IoT Project Delivery

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With IoT projects still rarely sticking to time plans, and in fact, 75% of IoT projects taking twice as long as planned – causing financial and planning problems along the way – it is important to understand not only why this happens but also of course, how it can be prevented. 

Listen to hear Ben Wald,  Founder and Head of Client Strategy at Very, an IoT development agency that delivers end to end IoT solutions for its customers, explore the benefits agile development brings to IoT project delivery. Gain insights into the key stages of agile development for IoT, and look at the approach’s positive outcomes.


  • Why so many IoT projects take much longer than planned or in fact, fail and how this can be changed.
  • The benefits of agile development for IoT projects, and the key steps needed to ensure project success.  
  • How to build the right project requirements and structure product development in line with the user’s wants and needs. 
  • Why projects tend to start to slow down, and how to lessen the probability of a hold up, or indeed failure.
  • The role of Digital Twins in IoT product development.


Ben-WaldBen Wald
Founder and Head of Client Strategy, Very

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As a Co-Founder at Very and having been involved in over 250 product launches in the last 8 years, Ben leads a team of over 70 full-time engineers, designers and data scientists that work with clients to understand challenges they’re facing and build custom software-driven solutions. Ben believes that attracting and retaining top-tier talent is a key differentiator, which is why he champions reinvesting profits into employee benefits and cultural experiments. Ben has also led the investment and development of several ventures that have spun out of Very like ReadyCart, which went on to raise additional capital and was acquired by Grapevine Inc in 2017.


veryFocused on speed, efficiency, and scalability, our product teams de-risk projects though trusted partnership, easy communication, and an agile workflow.

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