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Have You Flown Since the Pandemic Days Started?

By 2 weeks ago

I am probably somewhat of a unicorn these days because I have flown every month of 2020. I will finish up the year with 40 flights or so. When I first flew after things were locked down I was pretty nervous – in addition to the mask, I was wearing a face shield and gloves […]

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The Role of Social Media in Affiliate Marketing and How to Best Utilize It

By 2 weeks ago

Social media provides a unique opportunity for affiliates to quickly share discount codes, referral links, and promote a product or service. Affiliate marketing is no longer limited to creating long-form content but can be more effectively done using social media posts and stories. Social media, therefore, is an important affiliate … The Role of Social […]

Take Steps to Make Your Home Safer

By 3 weeks ago

Our neighborhoods feel like a safe bubble, but if you get alerts from a Ring doorbell you know there is property crime happening in and around any given area. That’s inevitable in any city, so it’s a good idea to take some steps to improve your home security and minimize your risk of becoming a […]

Affiliate Program Statistics and Their Importance to Publishers

By 3 weeks ago

If you’ve ever wondered how publishers choose which merchants to promote or how you could appeal to more of them, it’s high time you learned about the importance of affiliate program statistics. What are these? They are the numbers publishers look at in order to assess whether a program is … Affiliate Program Statistics and […]

Affiliate Marketing Opportunities You Should Seriously Consider

By 1 month ago

Many eCommerce companies are set to flourish during this era of increased online shopping, presenting excellent revenue potential in products, and services that best meet the shelter-in-place customers’ needs. Among the top categories set to weather the impact of COVID-19 are home and garden, food, delivery, health, financial, insurance, and … Affiliate Marketing Opportunities You […]

10 Things Affiliate Managers Should Equip Affiliates With

By 2 months ago

Earlier today, every affiliate marketer aboard Amazon Associates program received the following announcement: We are being told that Amazon Associates‘ newly-created “Idea Hub” is meant to equip its affiliates with “content ideas such as inspirational promotions, events, deals, and products throughout Amazon in one place.” The idea isn’t new. We’ve … 10 Things Affiliate Managers […]

Early Affiliate Marketing Statistics with AffStat

By 2 months ago

Back in the early 2000s, there was not a lot of data on affiliate marketing, and I wanted to know more about what was going on. So I decided to make my own report of statistics on the industry and registered on October 29, 2002. The first report came out in the spring of […]

How to Analyze Competing Affiliate Programs | The Blueprint

By 2 months ago

If you’re launching or already running an affiliate program, one of your priorities should be to perform a competitive analysis, covering also competing affiliate programs and the activity of the merchants behind them. And I don’t mean just having a general idea of their name, products or services, and position … How to Analyze Competing […]

The Long Goodbye from Home

By 2 months ago

On January 30, 2020, I boarded Southwest flight 1713 from Las Vegas to Austin. I woke up with an empty feeling. I always got this feeling as an Affiliate Summit ended, and I knew it would be a while before I saw all of these people that I’ve come to know and love. I missed […]

Affiliate Program Performance and Its Snowball Effect

By 2 months ago

Are you launching your first affiliate program and already anticipating high and constantly growing affiliate program performance? Your dream has the potential of turning into reality, and I was lucky enough to see it happen with numerous programs managed here at AM Navigator. However, it is important to realize that, … Affiliate Program Performance and […]

Keep Your Business Safe with VIPRE Antivirus

By 2 months ago

COVID-19 has an unprecedented number of people working from home and many are working on their own computers which are vulnerable to viruses. I use VIPRE antivirus on my computers and they provide comprehensive email and endpoint security, along with real-time threat intelligence that delivers layered protection. When I was looking at the various antivirus […]

Standing Together

By 2 months ago

Where did the magic go? What ever happened to feeling safe when you’re at a concert, out for dinner or going to pray? To being a community. To positivity, to progress? It’s been a heart-breaking couple of days for so many reasons. As the world mourns those lost in Christchurch and the consequences of the […]

On A Cliff Edge

By 2 months ago

When you know you’re about to experience something that is going to cause you pain, how do you approach it? I would say that the vast majority would rip off the plaster; quick and relatively painless. So why is it then that we’re continuing to endure the agony of the Article 50 Brexit process? I […]

Short Course On – What You Should Know

By 2 months ago

Finding for the Best Roofing Company When you plan to have a house, you can consider this as one of the huge investment you can have in your life. Some people have many of these kinds of houses if ever they planned to visit a place and they need to spend a night into this […]

Learning The Secrets About

By 2 months ago

Why You Need the Best Mortgage Specialist Broker When you pick the choice of working with a home loan specialist you will have made an ideal choice. For everything the moreover sparing you need to channel for a guaranteed understanding broker. The affiliations you will get from the best spot particular take after an evaluation […]

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